Jackleen Samuel

President & CEO

Resilient Healthcare

Dr. Jackleen Samuel is the CEO/President of Resilient Healthcare (Plano, TX) and a
serial entrepreneur deeply passionate about disrupting traditional healthcare
delivery. With over a decade in the industry, she consistently drives growth, innovation, and pursues her mission to make healthcare both convenient and
transparent for patients.

Beyond her leadership at Resilient Healthcare, Jackleen’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her diverse ventures. She founded a post-acute rehabilitation company, spearheaded a neurology therapy clinic, and co-owned a physical therapy management firm.

Each endeavor underscores her commitment to elevating patient care through technology and innovative methodologies. As a result, Resilient Healthcare stands as a beacon in the health-tech landscape, delivering unparalleled hospital-at-home
services while championing operational excellence and profitability.

A graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University, Jackleen
earned a bachelor’s degree in biology, coupled with a tech-centric minor in History, and later pursued a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers.

Her influential role in healthcare has garnered notable recognition, including a feature in Becker’s Hospital Review’s esteemed “116 Women in Health IT to Know.” In addition to this, she serves on the Board for Kick Foundation, offers insights as a thought leader for Forbes, and holds titles as a UBS Fourth Effect and UBS Luminary Fellow.

Outside her professional sphere, Jackleen values her moments outdoors, whether
that’s a camping trip or a hike with family. She resides in Texas, sharing her home with
her husband, four children, and two dogs. A sports aficionado, she holds a special
fondness for soccer.