G. Scott Herman

Founder & CEO

New Day Healthcare

Scott Herman is a nurse/paramedic by trade, with more than 30 years of home care experience. He has formed and led some of the largest home healthcare companies in the country, including Harden Health Care’s Home Health and Hospice Line, Jordan Health Services and he was the formation CEO for Elara Caring. Scott has worked in nearly every type of home care company, including publicly traded, not-for-profits, and private equity. His experience is extensive.

Scott is currently the CEO and Founder of New Day Healthcare, a provider of home health, hospice, pediatrics, and home-based community care to include consumer-directed and personal care services. New Day currently serves around 10,500 patients daily and touches nearly 110,000 annually.

New Day operates in 28 locations throughout Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois, and has 6,500 team members. Partnered with Kaltroco North America and CIT, New Day has completed nine acquisitions since its formation in July 2020 and has a robust growth and acquisition plan for 2024.