Tim Hanold


Care Advantage

Tim has a proven track record in leadership stemming from high ranking roles at Humana and SeniorBridge, where he drove organic growth in revenue for Humana at Home (Personal Care Division) from $21m to $120m. In addition, Tim also served as Chief of Operations of the Humana Wellness division as it rose to $225MM in revenue, serving over 23 million members. 

Prior to this experience, Tim built a strong career with Pepsi, Ford Motor Company and Tyco Healthcare. While leading national sales teams, Tim found his passion for understanding the human experience that led him to healthcare. Focusing on the consumer experience is Tim’s guiding principle in strategically leading Care Advantage to the forefront of the home healthcare industry. 

He holds a MS in Management from Columbia University and a BS in Marketing and Business Logistics from Pennsylvania State University. In June 2022, Tim was appointed by Governor Glenn Youngkin to the Virginia Board of Medical Assistance Services for a 4-year term. He also serves as an advisor at PsyInnovation, an emotional wellness and behavioral health startup providing app-based programs for stress, anxiety and depression based on the science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.